Common Name, Uncommon Results.

Scott Smith.

My parents could not have made it anymore basic, unless maybe they named me John. I often use my middle initial – any differentiator really – to try to stand out from the pack.

Yet, when you have a common name, you learn a valuable lesson: There’s always more to the story to discover.

It’s a philosophy that has guided me through a successful career in journalism and corporate communications. I am always looking for the deeper story, the different twist that will best highlight my client’s message.

Plus, like my name, I know the best message is direct and easy to grasp. That approach drives my work as the host and executive producer of Gartner ThinkCast, the Gartner podcast channel that delves into the impact and intersection of technology and business.

It is why I have been in high demand as a producer and moderator of multimedia marketing and training programs for leading companies like Gartner, Microsoft, HP and AT&T.

It is also why I remain a sought-after freelance journalist for newspapers and magazines.

I honed my craft as a journalist throughout the Northeast before moving into the corporate sector. As a newspaper reporter and editor, I covered some of the biggest names and stories in sports, politics and business. I have appeared on radio as a panelist, sportscaster and program host, including the possibly least-listened-to sports call-in program in the history of New Hampshire.

While finding the hidden nuggets and new perspectives in a story, I have given readers and listeners a unique look at Olympians, Hall of Famers, political leaders and Presidential candidates. I have covered everything from a presidential primary to ski jumping to Thanksgiving parade balloons, and I have learned there is always an interesting story to be found, whether the topic first appears important or mundane.

It’s all about dispelling the mystery of any subject and making it both compelling and easily comprehensible to any reader.  It’s all about telling the right story.

And let’s dispel one little mystery … in case you’re wondering, the L stands for Lawrence.